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Interested in Flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft?

The Club is a group of approx. 75 members who enjoy a common interest and participation in the hobby/ sport of Radio Control Modeling. We fly gas and electric powered airplanes and helicopters using radio controls. It is a most rewarding hobby/ sport because of the challenge it affords the pilot.

The club's policy is to allow prospective new members to have two practice sessions with one of our instructors. This will entail using a trainer plane, owned by the club, and a dual system of radio control boxes. The boxes are connected by a wire that allows the instructor to override the new pilot’s control input in the event that the plane is flying incorrectly. The instructor also flies the plane off the ground and lands the plane. The new pilot would be able to fly the plane under the supervision of the instructor while it is in the air. After two sessions the new pilot would decide if he/she wishes to join the club. Membership in the national Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is required. The AMA fee for Open Membership, for those over 19 years of age, is $58.00 per year (this includes a monthly magazine concerning all aspects of the hobby). The club Dues are $60.00 per year for adults ($30.00 for Under 19 years and qualified Seniors). A new trainer plane with all accessories costs between $300.00 and $400.00, although used ones are usually available for substantially less (possibly 50% less). Even If you are only interested in observing the club in action, please join us at our flying site. 

Under Links in the menu there is more info about the AMA and the AMA's Sport Aviator has a lot of good info for the new pilot.