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New  3/29/21 Proposed Southwick Flying Field 

From Al Ritchotte to the club:

John Whalley and I had conversations over the weekend and this morning.  At John’s request Bill Sitler and I staked off the footprint of our proposed flying site for John to see.  John and I viewed the site this morning and I have bad news. John apologized profusely for not being able to help us and has backed out of our negotiations.  Our footprint would take up too much of his plantable land.
At this point I don’t have any more active leads.
Al Ritchotte



PVRCC Field Relocation Update 5/22/20

The going forward field choice in Granville has not yet been finalized. There is concern about the possibility of the site having a solar panel array installed. We are waiting to get input from the land owner regarding this happening and, if so, how long it would take to be completed. We need this information to decide if the expense to have a grass runway installed is a good value for the club. Also, a site in Longmeadow has become available and we are in negotiation with the Town Procurement Manager to determine mutual agreement on the site lease. There are tall trees on the side adjacent to what would be our runway that needs to be addressed. Mark Henrie wants to recognize the efforts of the Relocation Team, especially Al Richotte, whose energy, enthusiasm and dedication has made this update possible.

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